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These makeup glasses provide 20/20 vision in both eyes simultaneously while applying makeup, and are superior to the "flip" and "swing" makeup glasses that do not correct vision in the eye receiving makeup.


Selecting the lens strength
is easy

The recommended lens strength is the same or the closest lower lens strength as your reading glasses. For example, if your reading glasses are +2.75, select +2.50.


Quality Features:

  • Employs an adjustable nosepiece with two different pivots to fit all faces.
    Employ an adjustable nosepad that widens or narrows to fit any nose width.
  • Corrective Lenses. Comes with a +1.50, +2.00, +2.50, +3.00 or +3.50 diopter corrective lense strength. The ophthalmic frames of the makeup eyeglasses permit replacement with prescription lenses by your vision professional.

  • They are lightweight, comfortable and easy to use. They fold flat and come in a protective pouch and are ideal for travel. They are made for use with a regular mirror.


The arched side arms and the extended nose piece create ample space between the eyes and lenses to allow fingers and makeup implements to move freely between the eyes and the makeup eyeglasses when applying makeup.


Permit access to the eye region and eyebrows from the side, top and bottom of the face.

These affordable makeup eyeglasses are also great for tweezing and designing your eyebrows and are ideal for applying eyelashes.






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